Laboratory Devices Water Baths TVP-200C

It is used to meet both vacuum and cold water requirements in all applications where vacuum is required, especially in rotary evaporator applications.

While the cooling system of the device provides lower vacuum values, it also sends the cold water in the water bath to the system, eliminating the need for a separate bath and pump for circulation.

Specification Name
Technical Specification
Bath Volume
7 lt.
Dimensions of the Device
(HxWxL) 600 x 255 x 450 mm
Vacuum Values
20 mbar
Motor Power
1.9 hp
2870-3840 Rpm
Power Supply
230 ACV - 50 Hz
Working Current
4.6 A
Water Recirculation
200 lt/h
Device Outer Frame
Electrostatic Powder Coated
Vacuum filtration apparatuses
Rotary Evaporators-2 rotaries operate at the same time.
Vacuum applications requiring water recirculation
Distilling filtration applications
Vacuum ovens
Warranty Term and Technical Service Support
We offer guarantee for all of the producer-induced problems that are approved by our company and occur between the mentioned dates, and fully provide technical service within the working hours. Please contact us if you have a problem or question regarding your devices.
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