Laboratory Devices Vacuum Manifold SPE- Vacuum Manifold
SPE- Vacuum Manifold

SPE is a form of chromatography and is used in other chromatographic techniques. Control of flow rate as well as repeatable extractions is critical for the preservation. Unlike other vacuum manifolds, Visiprep system located at each port in the manifold cap along each SPE tube field flow, precise flow control through independent, screw valves a patented valve system. Visiprep vacuum manifolds, 12 (12 port version) or 24 (24 port version) SPE samples at the same time allows you to Space between ports, 24 connections port versions are slightly smaller than the 12 port versions tube sizes are recommended.


Specification Name
Technical Specification
Sample Capacity
12 or 24
Device Measurements (HxGxD
290 x 210 x 80 mm
Glass Material
Sekurit Glass
Glass thickness
10 mm
Plastic Material
Needle Material
Stainless steel
Heat Shock Resistant
Cover Sealing Material
Wear resistant silicone
Warranty Term and Technical Service Support
We offer guarantee for all of the producer-induced problems that are approved by our company and occur between the mentioned dates, and fully provide technical service within the working hours. Please contact us if you have a problem or question regarding your devices.
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