Laboratory Devices Laminar Flow Booths TLF-V180
Laminar Flow Clean Air Booths are high performing, reliable booths manufactured for microbiology laboratories and in-vitro fertilization centers, offering the best operating conditions for the user.
Horizontal and vertical HEPA filters with 99.995% efficiency are employed in our booths which offer properties that satisfy your needs in the best way.
Completely stainless steel heating unit equipped with PID microprocessor, recirculation feature are employed in booths with heating system to keep the temperature of the working area constant.
Specification Name
Technical Specification
Filter Type
Hepa Filter H14
Filter Efficiency
Device Measurements (YxGxD)
1960 x 1850 x 726 mm
Temperature Control Unit
PID Microprocessor
Working Temperature
+ 4 ° C
Heating area
1800x650 mm
Temperature Control Unit
PID Microprocessor
Cabin Lighting
Temperature Range
Between Ambient Temperature and 45 ° C
Working Surface
Stainless Steel
Device Outside
Electrostatic Powder Coated
Microbiology Laboratories
IVF Centers
Warranty Term and Technical Service Support
We offer guarantee for all of the producer-induced problems that are approved by our company and occur between the mentioned dates, and fully provide technical service within the working hours. Please contact us if you have a problem or question regarding your devices.
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